Thursday, December 15, 2011

Conceiving tips - The Importance of Preconception Diet Gender Prediction

One of the things that should be concern for pregnancy is the right diet needed to be consumed. Biologically, women who are pregnant need to eat well for the sake of own health and also for the unborn child for at least 9 months. This is contained in the dos and don’ts of pregnancy. There are some foods that are recommended for the health of the baby and some need to be avoided. On top of that, proper preconception diet plan can also affect in choosing the gender of your baby, increasing the chances in conceiving a boy or a girl.

The main idea here is that our body have different pH level and it need to be at a certain level for each type of gender. This is where a proper preconception diet can give a big impact for gender selection. The sperm carrying X and Y-chromosome that decides the gender requires a different pH level for a successful fertilization. Y-chromosome sperm for conceiving a boy are small, agile and need to reach the egg quickly before expire. Therefore, it needs an alkaline environment for fertilization to occur. If the pH level gives an acidic environment, it will easily kills off the Y-chromosome sperm leaving the X-chromosome sperm which last longer more ideal to fertilize the egg favouring it in conceiving a girl.

Choosing the right preconception diet can help tolerate this pH level in our body, thus, help to swing the percentage to have your dream baby in your way.

Preconception diet for a boy

Food that is best to eat in conceiving a boy must be non-acidic in nature that will boost up your alkalinity. Therefore, potassium and sodium are very important. Foods recommended are bananas, sweet corn, red meats, and even sausages. However, having too much sodium is never recommended. It is important that you eat these foods in moderation and include a healthy and balanced diet for proper health. Stay within proper dietary guidelines at all times.

Preconception diet for a girl

As in conceiving a girl, foods that boost acidity in your body are more preferred. Some of the foods are grapefruit, apples, oranges, lemons and etc. The diet as well needs to be rich in magnesium and calcium for this matter. This includes taking dairy products, leafy green vegetables and most meats. Broccoli is the perfect example of food that contains high levels of both.

Although this preconception diet may increase chances for success, moderation is important in everything as well as proper nutrition. While there are other methods of choosing the gender of your baby, combining them with a proper diet will increase more chances with most couples find that they do end up with their dream baby gender. Ask your doctor if you have any questions about the foods that you should be eating.

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