Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tips For Conceiving A Girl

In most of the couples who really want a baby so bad, some might just desire to have a baby of specific gender whether it is a boy or a girl. Having three boys in the family and wanting a daughter for a change or even plan to have two kids, one of each own gender. It may seem sceptical or impossible, but there are several natural techniques that can increase the likelihood of conceiving the gender of your choice. With a little edge on conceiving a girl of your choice, I’m sure you will be happy to follow these 3 easy steps.

If we look back at the differences of chromosomes in the sperm, we will know that the X-chromosome sperm are responsible in conceiving a girl. These sperm are slower but live longer. Therefore, there are few ways that you can do to ensure that these X-chromosome will fertilize with the egg to result in a girl.

Preconception diet

This is important to keep an ideal environment for the X-chromosome to fertilize. By having a proper preconception diet, it can give the right pH level in your body for fertilization to occur in conceiving a girl. The perfect environment is to have it acidic. Suggested foods are broccoli, apples and grapefruit, oranges, lemon and dairy products.

Calculate ovulation

Timing when you ovulate and intercourse is the key here. Just to give time for the Y-chromosome sperm to die off, it is ideal to have intercourse two to three days before ovulation. With the X-chromosome sperm lived the longest, it can remain in your body as soon as the egg drops from your ovary for fertilization.

Positions to conceive a girl

Shallow penetration is ideal here. This is again to let the Y-chromosome sperm dies off, and by making it longer journey to the egg, it will expires in time leaving X-chromosome to fertilize in conceiving a girl. Therefore, positions such as missionary are best for this but any position that offers shallow penetration is alright.


It is recommended that women should not orgasm first in conceiving a girl. This is because when orgasm, secretions will change the pH level to more alkaline environment where in this case it is suitable when having a boy. By not getting orgasm first will leave the cervix to be acidic and again, killing the Y-chromosome sperm that can conceive a boy.

These are some of the techniques that you can try in conceiving a girl. As there is no 100% accuracy in all natural gender selection, it can surely and highly increase your chances in conceiving your dream baby girl.

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