Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How Does The Drano Gender Test Work?

For decades, baby gender selection method has been around buzzing the mind of many couples to have their dream baby. It makes it regular to have been on the web as a potential way to find out what gender selection method is suitable and may work to achieve it. Some methods might be true or it is just a baby gender myths. Theoretically, the drano gender test is said that it can detect the content of a pregnant woman’s urine that will change the colour of the drano to indicate the gender of your baby. However, this is a false fact and not recommended as a way in predicting baby gender. Most people use it just for fun to predict their baby gender.

The recipe for drano gender test is not advisable in many cases as the results are unreliable and drano mixed with urine will produce toxic fumes that may be dangerous for us inhaling them. Studies at a medical school took the test under chemical hoods wearing chemical masks because the possibility of fumes. However, as much as I’m concern,

  • The drano gender test should be performed after 4 months of pregnancy.
  • The test should be performed with 2 tablespoons of crystal drano using a medium glass jar with 2-3 ounces of urine.
  • With a rapid chemical reaction, observe the colour change of the mixture when it stops.
  • If the mixture darkens, it is going to be a boy.
  • If there is no darkening or colour change, it is a girl.

Some version of the drano gender test said that if the mixture bubbles up as urine is added, a boy will be conceived as to few or no bubbles, a girl will then is favoured.

There are still lots of people swearing that this method is true and offer their own personal experiences to back it up. After all it is up to us to trust it or not and there is nothing to lose if we try it. However, to sum up all of their told stories you hear and read still don’t add up to proof. No one seems to agree on how accurate is the interpretation of the results. Plus, it is all based more on assumptions rather than scientific sampling. Here are some of the interpretations made:

Bluish yellow = boy

Greenish brown = girl

Brownish = boy

No change = girl

Brown = boy

Green = girl

Black = boy

Blue = girl

Blue = boy

Green = girl

The drano gender test is not reliable as you will find many different variations of colours from interpretation of people rather than scientifically. Therefore, it is not the best way in predicting baby gender of your dreams in the future with no statistical review.

Click here for a statistic-proven natural gender selection by Alicia Pennington

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