Friday, December 16, 2011

Want To Know More about Old Wives Tales Baby Gender?

For generations, this old wives tales baby gender method has been passed down to younger couples by old wives as guidelines especially in those surrounding pregnancy and birth as well as predicting baby gender. Some of these baby gender myths survived through ages as it offers a comforting advice on experiences we all share. The myths which might be true are likely to be coincidental rather than an actual guide. All of these tales which consist of superstition is normally used to discourage unwanted behaviour, usually in children, or as folk cures. Until today, people still are using these old wives tales as a fun way in predicting baby gender and that it may be true.

Scientifically and medically, some of the old wives tales baby gender method is proven wrong such as the dangling a ring over a woman’s belly tale. It is said that if the ring moves in a circular pattern, you are going to have a baby girl and if it moves side to side, it’s vice versa instead, making it for you to have a baby boy. While this is a myth, experts use prenatal ultrasound to detect the gender of your baby. It may not be fun but it provides better accuracy. Even other old wives tales that were told are not 100% accurate scientifically. Eating a lot of carrots will do nothing in improving our vision although it gives vitamin A for healthy eyes. This was just a way to stop the Germans to discover that British were using radar back in the days but it is being passed down generations by generations as a myth.

What are the old wives tales baby gender methods? Here are some of the examples in conceiving a boy or a girl.

Conceiving a boy

  • Baby’s heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute
  • Craving salty foods
  • Craves for protein – meat and cheese
  • Smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness
  • Carrying low
  • Your areolae have darkened
  • Hair on your legs growing faster
  • Your urine is bright yellow in colour
  • Constantly having headaches
  • Hands are constantly dry
  • Feet are colder than before pregnancy
  • Prefer laying on left side

Conceiving a girl

  • Baby’s heart rate is more than 140 beats per minute
  • Craving sweets, fruits and orange juice
  • Left breast is larger than right breast
  • Having morning sickness and feeling nauseous
  • Carrying high
  • Moodier than usual since having an extra girl hormones in you
  • Have acne from extra hormones while pregnant
  • Your urine is dull yellow in colour
  • A toddler boy shows interest in pregnant woman
  • Eat a clove of garlic with the smell does not comes out of her pores
  • Prefer laying on right side

These old wives tales baby gender method might have been true for some people and may not be for others as it is said that it is a baby gender myths. Most couples who want to choose the gender of their baby tend to try other natural method such preconception diet or timing their intercourse. They might use these tales as to improve confidence psychologically and increase chances to their way.

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