Thursday, December 15, 2011

Whelan Method - An Overview

Whelan Method is another all-natural method to get your dream baby gender but it is the opposite of the Shettles Method. Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, developed this method in her book “Boy or Girl” believing that your chances for conceiving a baby girl is much better when it is done as close to ovulation as possible. This is a timed intercourse method for gender selection, which is similar to the Shettles method. This is a simple and easy method to use, but many experts do not agree with this method or the Shettles method claiming there are flaws but they both have one thing in common. Timing is the key to your dream baby gender.

Which method should we choose? The accuracy rate with gender selection with the Whelan Method is around 68 percent correct for boy babies and 57 percent correct for girl babies. However, without any type of baby gender selection, it is likely to be a 50/50 chance for most parents and most experts believe this method is close to it. It also promises a rate that is slightly lower than the Shettles Method giving an edge for most couples using Shettles Method.

The concept behind gender selection with the Whelan Method is to have intercourse four to six days before your basal body temperature goes up if you desire a boy and two to three days before you ovulate for a girl. Trying different positions along with the times may in fact also raise the accuracy. Moreover, they are free, safe, and all you have to do is take your temperature and watch the dates on the calendar.

With the Whelan Method explained, it is good to be true or it is just a fallen out method. With a major critics on her recommended times of having intercourse is too far away from when you could possibly get pregnant at all, people tend to use Shettles Method instead. Judging the accuracy of Whelan’s book is difficult since fewer couples used them. Some couples even find that it makes no scientific sense and decide to go with Shettles. However, people who choose to follow the Whelan Method usually tend to combine other natural methods as well with timing to increase their chances of success.

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