Friday, December 16, 2011

Predicting baby gender or choosing the gender of your baby

Baby's gender is a mystery to many couples around the world. Among those couples, some try to use several ways such as old wives tales baby gender prediction, chinese gender chart, or even using medical options like ultrasound in predicting baby gender. Why do they want to predict their baby’s gender? It’s just for a proper preparation when the baby is due. Which baby clothes to buy? How to raise the child in the future? Family planning? It’s an answer to these sorts of questions that determine your future life would be.

Despite with so many decisions to make to plan your future family, many couples are unaware of those that they actually have control over. Choosing the colour and layout of your nursery, space planning in your home and even choosing how you will raise your child are all crucial decisions to make. Rather than predicting baby gender when you are carrying, you could make sure that you are having your dream son or daughter. What if I tell you that you could actually choose your baby gender even when you’re not pregnant yet? One decision that you may never have imagined you have control over is the sex of your baby!

Choose, choose, choose...

Many parents will be happy with either gender; some are desperately searching for methods to influence whether their child will be a boy or a girl. Here are some important tips that could be use just for that cause.

  • Ovulation cycle and when the ideal time for conceiving a boy or girl
  • Control your diet and stress levels, creating an optimal environment for conceiving a boy or a girl
  • Sexual positions which increase the chances of conceiving each gender
  • Abstinence or frequency of sexual intercourse
  • Medications don’t affect your baby’s gender

With so many myths surrounding this topic mixed in with the truths, it can be hard to comprehend what steps you should follow. As many couples desire this to happen, they are willing to do anything. This natural gender selection method is a very safe, proven and risk-free method. There’s no harm in using this method at all. This method could highly tip the chances of having your future son or daughter in your way. Try it.

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