Thursday, December 15, 2011

How To Increase Chances of Conceiving A Boy?

Selecting the baby gender of your choice is really possible through this some natural gender selection method. Some of couples would want to try conceiving a boy for their first child as it can lead more on examples and protect their little brother or sisters in the future. Some of them just feel that they want to have a son for a change. It might be sceptical but natural gender selection has been practiced for centuries and some of them are actually grounded based on scientific facts.

Looking back at the differences of chromosome in the sperm, the Y-chromosome is responsible in conceiving a boy. They are much smaller, agile but do not last long. They need a shorter journey to survive and fertilize the egg. There are a few natural steps that you can do in conceiving a boy of your choice.

Preconception diet

With a proper preconception diet, it can set the pH value to certain level which tip the way in conceiving a boy or a girl. For a boy, alkaline environment is needed for fertilization of Y-chromosome where foods that are rich in potassium and sodium should be taken. Some of the foods are bananas, red meat, sweet corns and sausages.

Calculate ovulation

Make sure to time your ovulation as well as your intercourse. Y-chromosome sperm needs a shorter journey to the egg as it does not last long. Therefore, time your intercourse as closely as possible to the day you ovulate. This will gives enough chance to reach the egg in conceiving a boy.

Positions to conceive a boy

Deep penetration is ideal here. As you need to shorten the distance of Y-chromosome sperm to reach the egg as soon that you ovulate, have intercourse with the positions of woman dominant, woman on top, rear entry or doggy style.


Orgasm does affect the gender of your baby. Make sure a woman orgasm first before a man does. This gives the chance of secretions to happen making the pH more alkaline and more ideal to Y-chromosome sperm to survive, increasing chances to fertilize in conceiving a boy.

If you really wish and want to have a future son, these are some of the natural techniques that you can try in conceiving a boy. As there is no 100% accuracy in all natural gender selection, it can surely and highly increase your chances in conceiving your dream baby boy.

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